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Industrial Locksmith Atlanta

There are residential locksmiths, commercial locksmiths, automotive locksmiths, but nobody ever talks about industrial locksmith services. Industries need locks to keep intruders out of their buildings.

D&S Locksmith has carefully distinguished industrial locksmith to help warehouses, manufacturing, construction site, and more enjoy locks that keep their content safe even in open spaces.

Security is essential for industrial zones, and in Atlanta, GA, we have a unique array of industrial locks, including reinforcement locks to secure the client’s business regardless of location. At D&S Locksmith, we work with heavy-duty locks and have skilled locksmiths to help you to secure your place effectively.

For more information, call us on (470) 617-9200. We are accessible from anywhere in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our services

Lock maintenance and checks

Many of the clients we work with already have heavy-duty industrial locks but have abandoned them to wear under harsh weather conditions. When our locksmith goes for inspection, we access your old locks and restore them back to life using special cleaning tools and expert hands to return all parts to excellent working conditions.

Lock installation or rekey

If the locks are damaged, worn out, or not working, it will request a lock change or installation. The installation process requires a complete change of the lock, hardware, and all other parts into new working locks.

A lock rekey means the lock is still in good shape, but the internal mechanism is rusted or destroyed. In this process, the lock is rekeyed, and new keys are created for it.

Master key and lock repairs

Carrying a bunch of keys is tedious, and except you have mastered the key for each lock, you will spend long hours opening doors each day. At D&S locksmith, we can make your job easier by creating a single master key that opens all doors. The master key allows for quick exit or entrance, especially during fire drills or real danger. Our industrial locksmith services also cover office lockout. Imagine yourself at work, and the key is missing, or a school and the door cannot be opened. If you find yourself in this situation, call us at (470) 617-9200.

Lock Upgrades Service

Industrial zones also need security upgrades, and we have the latest locks to keep your place secure. If you feel a loophole in your current security system, then you are in need of an update. Furthermore, criminals and intruders are aware of the evolution in locks and getting smarter by the day. So it is only fair that industrial sites follow suit and fit locks befitting for their industries.

Why choose us?

D&S Locksmith is an end-to-end provider of industrial locks and is proud to use our great knowledge and years in the industry to offer reliable lock/security solutions for all types of industries. In Atlanta, our dream is to protect the industrial sector as they are the largest employer of labor. To do this, we offer them a locksmith price unmatched by anyone. However, that is not all. Our clients must trust that our job is efficient and ensured to protect their place.

Whether you operate a school, warehouse, hotels, manufacturing, or office building, D&S Locksmith is a great locksmith to meet your security goals professionally.

For more information, call us at (470) 617-9200.

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