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D&S Locksmith – keeping Norcross’s residents and business safe one lock at a time

Your safety and security are as good as the locks on your doors. The door is the window into our lives. When they are well secured, they protect and safeguard everything we hold precious, and when not, we are exposed and vulnerable to intruders and unwelcomed guests.

At D&S Locksmith, protecting Norcross is a passion that goes beyond locksmithing. The burning desire to see people in the community happy and worry-free about their belongings or loved ones makes us glad.

Who are we?

We are Norcross’s professional locksmith company serving the Georgia area and surroundings for decades. Our skills and talents have been perfect by the number of jobs we do as customers refer us to more people for a good job. D&S Locksmith is the locksmith near you. The neighborhood locksmith is there for you when the lock fails or the key goes missing. Regardless of what you need us for, we are your trusted locksmith, ensuring you are safe in this city.

What do we offer?

As craftsmen and women, it is only fair that we continue to pursue excellence as the world evolves. Our customers come from all walks of life and need a locksmith for various reasons. We offer the best service money can buy in Norcross and something extra. Whether you need an automotive locksmith for your car or a residential locksmith or commercial locksmith, we cover all the basics and then some. Additionally, our prices are super competitive and none like it in the region. Finally, we offer exclusive locks and keys advice to customers to enable them to choose what is suitable for them at any point in time.

Read through our service page to see what we offer and learn more about locks.

For more information about what we do, contact us via email or call (470) 617-9200

D&S Locksmith

Why Choose Us?

There are plenty of reasons Norcross’s seek out locksmith service. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation, and these are why they love our service.

  • We are tidy, organized, and work confidently.
  • We choose the best solution for you and explain why it is so to the customer.
  • We can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on every job
  • We work according to your budget but use the best locks and tools at every job site
  • We combine passion, craftsmanship, and experience to deliver astonishing works beyond your imagination

our goal

Our goal

With access to high-quality locks and brands, we intend to build a secure Norcross using only the best. Additionally, we want to have the fastest emergency locksmith response unit to ensure you are never in harm's way when you have a lock or key problem.
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our Mission

Our mission

To deliver sustainable locks solutions to residents and businesses in Norcross, GA.
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our team

Our team

Our reputation and success are nothing without the incredible team that works. It has pushed us beyond our boundaries and given customers more than fixing locks – adequate security. They have educated themselves with the latest lock fixing techniques and delivered excellently on each job.
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