Most times, thieves get into our homes by snapping the lock cylinder of the lock. This enables them to gain access but spoils the lock. Anti-snap is a burglary-preventive measure found in high-security locks to stop intruders in their tracks. The lock cylinder of anti-snap locks is designed to not snap. Ant-snap ensures utmost security for homes and office doors. There are two rating standards for anti-snap locks, namely, the TS007-3 Star and the SS312 Diamond. If you live in crime-prone neighborhoods, anti-snap locks are fitted to your front, back, side, or sliding doors to ramp up security.

Yes, there are plenty of locksmiths in Atlanta, GA, but we are different. Even though they offer the same services as we do, we have taken a giant leap to ensure our customers are satisfied with our service. Additionally, we use high-quality brand locks from credible names and will guarantee their authenticity and effectiveness after installation. Secondly, we are not out for money. With each satisfied customer, we have expanded our service circumference. Finally, we advise our clients if their choice is not suitable or too inappropriate for the purpose. For more information, call us on (470) 617-9200 or send us an email at [email protected]

The 30minutes rule is the standard claim by locksmith and the patience limit by customers. Yes, we will arrive at your location in 30 minutes or less too. We have a locksmith working with us strategically situated at different locations. They are mobile and are immediately sent out to meet a distress call, depending on which is closer. However, up till now, we have managed to arrive with a location, as we have stated, but responsiveness is easily hampered by different factors, including weather, traffic, or events beyond our control. We will always keep our customers posted as we make progress, but our ETA is 30 minutes or less.

Well, you can if you want to, but we have received calls from people who DIY a lock and still had to pay a locksmith to rework the lock or key because it failed. A locksmith is trained to do locks and does it well. At D&S Locksmith, all our locksmiths are trained, skilled and passionate about locks. Working as a locksmith is not about picking locks or fiddling with them.

It is ensuring that the locks perform their job of protecting your and your loved ones. Additionally, a locksmith guarantees that the job will be done well as experience and skills come into play.

Yes, we do. If you are locked out of your house, car, or office, we will create a new key if the situation demands it. For example, if it is broken in the locks or not functioning with the lock or needs a replacement, we can cut a key for you. We cut house keys, car keys, boat keys, truck keys, and more.

If it uses a key, we can recreate one with or without the original key present. For more information, call (470) 617-9200.

If it has a lock and uses a key, we can help. Window locks, kitchen cabinets, office file cabinets, drawers, closets, safes, vaults, garages, bicycle locks, and anywhere you want us to put a lock or cut a key. Locks are meant for security, and if you want something secure, we are sure we have a lock or can create one for it. If you need a customized lock or key for a specific purpose, call us up or book a free consultation with us. You can also send an email to [email protected]

First of all, anti-snap and anti-bump are two different styles of lock offering different security levels too. An anti-bump lock prevents the pins in the lock from going above the shear and giving the intruder access to your home. Let’s explain this a little further. When a thief picks your lock, the idea is to lift the pins in the cylinder to a particular level. When a lock is anti-bump, it prevents some of the pins from moving above the shear, thereby resisting the intrusion instrument and stopping access. This ensures your door remains shut and undamaged in the process.

An anti-snap locks returns back to its original structure when you try to snap it. Think of it as a rubber band. When you stretch it within the elastic limit, it will snap back to form. The same theory works with anti-snap locks. When pressure is applied, it quickly snaps back, frustrating the intruder and gives up.

We get asked this question a lot. While it is not illegal to own and use one on your premises, finding one on your person can implicate you in a burglary case or make you a suspect in a crime.

A key cutting process should take 20 to 30 seconds maximum by our locksmith. However, if the key is unique and must be cut to code, it will take longer. Additionally, key cutting depends on the key and the marks on it.

We know the person calling in these situations is the owner most of the time, but for security purposes, we always request our locksmiths to insist on an ID before the job. We also ask the homeowners or car owners to request ID from the locksmith before any task.


No matter which services you require, D&S Locksmith can provide you with convenient solutions. We are open 24/7. Call us at (470) 617-9200 for more information.

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