Lock Rekey In Buford

So, the question is, what does rekeying mean? Who would want to spend money on replacing an entire lock when there is a rekey solution? So, when you refer to smart key rekey, it means you alter the pin tumbler. So, Lock Rekey Service In Buford is the solution to your various security needs.

Hence, when you choose D&S Locksmith Lock Rekey Service In Buford, we rekey the tumbler of the existing lock so that it can accept a new key. Therefore, rekey a smart lock without a key is quite simple as we substitute a few lock pins within the cylinder, altering the tumbler. Then, we cut new keys that open the rekey Kwikset lock.So, after the lock has been rekeyed, your old keys are no longer valid.

Whether you are looking for a car rekey service near me, home rekeying, or commercial setup rekeying to keep you and your family safe, we are the right Lock Rekey Service In Buford. We aspire to keep you entirely safe. Our qualified team possesses specialized tools and equipment to redefine any locksmith experience. So, you can trust us to replace lock pins, mailbox locks, door locks, and integrated cabinet locks. Thus, it saves you from the trouble and cost associated with purchasing and installing brand new locks.

Whether you’ve moved into a new home, recently kicked out an untrustworthy roommate, or simply feel the need for a security update, changing the locks on your house may be necessary from time to time. While doing a full replacement of every lock may sometimes be necessary, having a locksmith rekey your existing locks is a fast, affordable and secure option to choose.

What Is Lock Rekeying?

When a locksmith comes to rekey locks in your home, they don’t have to remove the entire lock and replace it with a new one. Most locks are designed to use a series of pins, or small, spring-loaded metal rods, to keep the lock closed. When you insert your key, it pushes these pins down in a specific pattern, which lets the cylinder turn and the lock open.

To rekey a lock, the locksmith simply opens up the cylinder and replaces those pins with new ones in a different pattern. All of the other parts of your lock remain the same, but your old key will no longer work since it is now pushing down the wrong pins. Your locksmith will make a new key to the locks for you to use in the future.

To Rekey or Replace a Lock?

In most situations, lock rekeying is all you need to do when you need to change the locks on your house for safety or security reasons. It can also help if your locks aren’t quite functioning at full capacity, such as slightly older locks sticking from time to time. It’s often an issue of the pins sticking or other parts needing a slight tune-up, so having rekeying deadbolts or other sticky locks can give your locksmith a chance to lubricate them, perform minor repairs and replace pins with worn-out springs. Rekeying locks can also be a good choice for interior doors where you need a little extra security, such as when you’re sharing a house with roommates. Having a knob lock rekey done on your door can keep nosy housemates out of your space without risking damage to the door.

However, sometimes a full replacement is necessary. The most common situation where a replacement is required is when the locks are very old and worn. In those situations, a rekey may not fix the problems or may not even be possible. Most other replacements are due to personal preference, such as if you prefer a different style of lock.

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