Honda Car Key Replacement

Auto Key Replacements can help make new car keys for you. We specialise in creating car keys to suit your vehicle, beating the local dealership price 95% of the time, and we come to you.

From around 1996 for higher security and insurance purposes, most cars have an electronic immobiliser system built into them to prevent your vehicle from being stolen. Whether you have a remote or not, there may be a transponder chip which lives inside the head of your key. If this transponder breaks or is lost, your car won’t start, even if you can turn the ignition.

In many instances an aftermarket key can be provided at a much lower cost than purchasing genuine keys. Some models however will require genuine keys to work.

Having a single key can be stressful if you lose it. We always recommended having a spare key made while you can. Creating a key duplicate is significantly cheaper than making new car keys, when no working keys are available.

Are you wondering what a locksmith can do for you? There’s a lot actually and you won’t even have a choice than to save our contact in anticipation of the day you’ll need our professional locksmith services. Whether you live in a condo, a serviced apartment, a town home or any other residential apartment, the following are locksmith services relevant to you;

Broken Key Extraction

Have you had a scenario where your key broke while trying to lock or open the door? Yes, everyone have had a similar experience at least once before. When it happens, just think of our professional locksmiths, we know exactly how to get you in or out.

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