High Security Locks Lilburn

Offering the best of the best when it comes to high-security lock solutions, D & S Locksmith is a leader in the Lilburn area. We’re proud to carry and install hardware that is difficult to find for both residential and commercial buildings. As an authorized dealer of Mul-T Lock, we also carry other leading brands in high security, including ASSA, Medeco and Schlage. Unable to be picked, bumped or drilled – these heavy duty, high security locks are the ideal solution for anyone looking to up their security measures.

If you’re looking to upgrade your Lilburn home or business’s current locks, let us show you what our high-security cylinders have to offer. Our skilled technicians can retrofit any of these upgraded models into your existing locks, allowing for an easy and convenient transition. This quick upgrade is the ideal way to increase security without hassle.

Our experienced team can assist you in taking complete control of the lock system at your home or business. By installing high-security locks and cylinders, we can eliminate the possibility of duplication of keys without your authorization in person with a valid photo ID.

Our selection of high-security keys is unbeatable, and these unique products cannot be duplicated without authorization and supporting credentials from the owner. No matter how complex your security needs in Lilburn may be, our selection of high security keys and cylinders can help you run a worry-free operation no matter what the situation may be. Be sure to ask about our heavily restricted blanks that are not sold to other area locksmiths or hardware stores.

Integrated technology for property management helps your residents and units to remain safe while keep the entire facility locked down tight. You have to use locks that allow the right access at the right times. Also, you must use locks that eliminate lost key concerns for your tenants. There is no need to invest in traditional locks when a high security locking system helps to keep tenants safe without the normal problems.

Improvement #1: Lost Keys

High security locks for apartments and condos are armored against drilling and torches. Also, these locks are designed to resist picking by even the most skilled lock pick. Tenants will use a specialized key that fits only their door, or the tenant can be given a keyless entry card for their use.

Lost keys become less of a problem because these specialized locks can be changed without being replaced. A tenant who loses their can have their lock reprogrammed the same minute they realize their key is gone.

Improvement #2: Keyless Entry

As mentioned above, keyless entry cards and remotes help tenants get into their apartments and condos more easily. This remote can unlock the door when the tenant is carrying a handful of bags. Also, the remote can be used from inside the apartment to let in guests when the tenant cannot get to the door.

Improvement #3: Keys For Everything

The doors in the facility can be managed by this key system, but you may also use these locks for the offices and maintenance facilities. Securing your property management office, storage shed, filing cabinet, pool house and boiler room is easy with this same system. Plus, the system allows you to create a key that gets you as the manager into every door.

Improvement #4: Time Access Protocols

You can set up timed access for guests that come on the property. A tenant who wants to give a key to their cousin who is visiting can give that cousin a time access key. You can go into the user-friendly software that allows you to create keycard for the cousin that only lets them into the building at certain hours.

These same keys can be issued to contracted maintenance workers. These workers will not be able to enter the building unless you have cleared their card for access. Therefore, you are giving these workers real access to the building, but you are giving them access under your terms.

The high security locks used in your apartment or condo building help to keep every unit secure. You can change the locks very quickly is keys are ever lost. You get to keep tabs on maintenance workers and you may create new keys for guests who need them.

The traditional keys and locks used in the industry are sensitive to being picked or broken, but these new locks cannot be picked or drilled. Every unit is rendered totally secure when you choose to use these new locks.

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