Ducati Bike Key Replacement

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Did you lose the key to your precious Italian beauty? Do you want a spare Ducati key? Has the bike started acting up and refusing to let you ride? Or maybe you lost your all-important RED KEY? Lowe’s can’t help you here, but we can. Our Ducati locksmith services will replace your Ducati key quickly and easily without a visit to the dealership.

From Monster keys to Panigale keys, from Multistrada keys to XDiavel keys, we can rekey or create any Ducati keys ever made – even the old ones.

What you’re up against Like most cars of today, modern Ducati motorcycles have transponder keys. Your Ducai keys are coded to match your specific bike, so while your Ducati key might look like the next person’s, it is not the same key at all. To get back on the road, you need a locksmith that’s capable of cloning your bike’s unique key code.

The dealership will ask for a lot of time and money to replace a Ducati key, which you’d rather spend buying and installing a new Termi exhaust. Replacing a standard Ducati black key is easy enough; if you misplace the Ducati red key, the master key which controls many of the ignition functions, we can help with that too. Some Ducati keys require a special code to be entered when a new key is cut. It’s in your owner’s manual, but if you don’t have that we can still help.

What we’ll do for you D&S Locksmith has been in business for longer than Ducati has been owned by Volkswagen, and our locksmith technology has grown with the motorcycle industry.

If you’ve been on the forums you may think a new ECU is required if your key is misplaced. That’s not necessarily true. You may have read about professional locksmiths that can clone Ducati keys in no time flat, and chances are you were reading about us. We have lasting relationships with dealerships across Fteley and our replacement keys have the quality OEM feel that others lack. Our quick and convenient mobile locksmith service will have you back on two wheels in no time. The cost of Ducati keys has dropped recently, and they cost less than you probably think.

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