Audi Car Key Replacement

Want to show off your Audi on your first date but can’t find the keys anywhere? It’s not in the key holder, neither in the drawer nor the cupboard. You’re doomed.

Well, don’t give up so early. D&S Locksmith is here to save your day. Give us a ring and we’ll be at your place in half an hour with a new Audi key. We’ll make sure to get you to your date within time.


Emergency Locksmith Services

Did you leave your keys inside the car or just accidentally locked yourself inside? Whatever the emergency, reach out to D&S Locksmith immediately.

Our team will immediately rush to the scene to get you out safely, all while keeping your car scratchless.

Lost Car Key Replacement

Did you lose your Audi’s key anywhere at home or work? We understand how distressing it must be. The thoughts of the keys falling into wrong hands coupled with the pressure of traveling without your comfortable ride can cause you sleepless nights.

So, what are your options? Dealership or a local specialized locksmith team like ours. Contacting the dealership will leave you on a week’s waiting list. Or, you can contact us and our technicians will reach the destination with a key within half an hour.

Audi Spare/ Duplicate Key Provider

Our services expand beyond emergency situations as we provide spare keys for all Audi models, both with and without the transponder chip. It’s always better to keep a spare or duplicate key to save yourself from any trouble.


Audi manufacturers have increased their security methods to reduce theft. To do so, all models after 1995 have a transponder chip with a special security number necessary for programming the key fob. For the last few years, Audi has stopped giving these security numbers to anyone, not even the car owners.

Only correct programming connects the key with the engine control unit (ECU) and the locking function of the car. So, you can’t start the car, if the key doesn’t synchronize with the ECU and immobilizer.

Our Audi technicians are equipped with the necessary tech expertise to extract your Audi’s code. We then program the key accordingly and get you running within no time.

Sometimes, the problem is in the key fob’s programming only and requires an expert’s assessment. Our technicians will fix the problem, reviving the connection between your car and fob.

On the other hand, if you plan to go to the dealership, you’ll have to wait for nearly a week to receive a new key. Not only is this highly inconvenient but also expensive.

Extraction of Audi Car Key from Ignition

A bad office day can get even worse when you break your Audi’s key in the ignition. The key has snapped and cherry on the top, you can’t even get it out of the ignition. You have a spare key but to no avail.

Be tension free because you can call us and get the key extracted out of the ignition. Our experts will make sure to not damage the ignition if it’s still intact.

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