Residential Locksmith In Duluth

D&S locksmith is the trusted locksmith service residents in Duluth, GA can rely on. Need a residential locksmith that is reliable and dependable? Call (470) 617-9200 now.

Your home is supposed to be your safest place, so it sends shivers down your spine when it is compromised. Whether your locks are faulty or the key just suddenly won’t budge, only an experienced and certified locksmith to ramp up your security and guarantee the safety of your loved ones and yourself.

D&S locksmith has been serving homes in Duluth, GA since forever, and whether you live in a modern house or older style residence, we can help you fix or adjust the locks to fit the security level you desire. Our locksmiths are hands-on 24/7 and will get to your location within the hour.

Why D&S residential locksmith services?

Duluth’s know the trusted name to call when searching for a locksmith. We have lived, served, and operated this business since its humble beginnings. We have established ourselves as a trusted partner to protect your homes and belongings. Our goal is to let out customers know that as a locally owned business, their homes are ours, and our service will ensure it stays protected using the best. Overall, D&S residential locksmith service is a professional, affordable and reliable locksmith for residents in and around Duluth, GA.

Our residential services are:

House lockout service is the most popular locksmith service in Duluth, GA

People lose their keys, and no, they are not careless as it can happen to anyone. However, when you are locked out, the first thing is to stay calm and try to retrace your steps and check your belongings properly. If you cannot find your keys, then dial (470) 617-9200 immediately. A house lockout service is an emergency, and we will be there as fast as our legs can carry us. Our locksmiths went through background checks and are professional individuals that dedicate to upholding the security status of your home. We will get you in or out, and then proceed to determine the cause of the lockout and options to ensure it never happens again or at least for a long time.

Lock rekey or lock change service.

When a lock obstructs, the best option is to rekey it so that all keys are different and no old key functions with the lock.  In a rekey process, we adjust only the lock mechanism and replace it in the same hardware. However, if the lock and hardware are damaged, the entire unit is changed. Whether you want a home to rekey or lock change, we can do that for you immediately. Did you lock yourself out because of old and worn-out locks? Perhaps, they are the same locks for almost a decade ago, or you are looking to upgrade to improve the security of your home. We are your locksmith any day or time.

D&S locksmith will take on any residential locksmith job. From window locks to cabinets, sliding doors, safe and high-security locks, just call (470) 617-9200.

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