Car Key Replacement In Norcross

Have you misplaced your car key? You do not have to feel ashamed. It happens to the best of us. Whether you have access to mobility, it is always better to have your car, but you cannot get anywhere fast enough without the key. So if you cannot find your car keys, you need a quick replacement by a credible locksmith team in Norcross, GA.

Erm, while you are at it, it would be advisable to change your lock or rekey because the culprit could be waiting for a good time to steal your car. You definitely do not want that. Most people will choose their car dealer, but the process is tedious, long, and expensive.

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D&S locksmiths are not your average car replacement locksmith and have up their game using the latest tools and machines to make car key replacement easy and fast. Key creation production has evolved over time, and D&S is using the best technology to ensure customers get a replacement as soon as the call is made.

Having your car key replaced

Aside from losing or misplacing your car key, wear and tear is another reason to have a replacement. As you daily insert the key in the ignition, metal rubs against metal chipping away at the surface one insertion at a time. Gradually, the key becomes thinner, has cracks, and bends out of alignment. This causes the key to break in the ignition or jam too.

So whether you think your car needs a key replacement or not, if you have only one key, it needs a replacement.

Do I need an existing car key to make a replacement?

It is a standard that a locksmith must have an old key to create a new one, whether it is a car key or a house key. However, with innovation and an incredible key cutting machine, customers can take pictures of the length of the key and send it to the locksmith. The locksmith received the image, enters it into the machine, and cuts the exact key for your car. If you do not have the app, we can make a new key from a damaged or missing key. We advise our customers to change the lock just in case your car key was stolen. Our sophisticated key cutting machine guarantees an accurately cut key for your car.

Other services are:

Making a key from scratch – replacing a lost or stolen car key without the key is tricky. Only a well-equipped locksmith can do this efficiently. To do this, our locksmith will need to remove the lock and use the configuration to replicate the previous key. If your car uses a programmable key system, we have specialists in that category too. They will come with their computers and reprogram or install a new one. Either way, your car will be safe and free from intruders.

D&S locksmith also replaces electronic car keys. Although it is complicated, we have a specialized team for the job.  We also do replacement keys for motorbikes, boats, trucks, vans, and other mobile units.

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